Vineyard management

Viticultural practice, here at Miselle, demonstrate our respect for the environment through adaptive and integrated management systems. Our Estate has been committed to a low input sustainable since 2000,allowing the wine in the bottle to express the fruit from which it is made.

We hence drastically reduce environmentally harmful sprays in our vineyard. Permanent grass cover, implemented to improve wine qualitu, also protect soils from erosion and reduces chemical use.

Organic fertilizers are regularly added to support underground biological activity and preserve our soils heritage. In addition, we use strategies in the vineyard such as crop thinning and defoliation to ensure tha grape yields are ideal and that the vines stay in a very health condition.

Our objective, through those unobtrusive grape growing techniques, is to achieve mawimum flavor concentration and fruit quality. We constantly strive to bring out our wine unique regionality.

In order to go even further in the preservation and respect of the environment, we have been certified “High Environmental Value Level 3” since November 2020.

This certification highlights our commitment to ensuring that biodiversity elements such as hedges, grassy strips, trees, flowers, insects, etc. are widely present in our vineyard and that the impact of our agricultural practices on the environment is reduced to a minimum.